Bright Magic Dish Drops

Arya's Bright Magic Dish Drops Bright Magic Dish drop is Concentrated liquid formula. It is Remove grease from your dishes, pots and pans without much effort. Suitable For: – Stainless Steel Kitchenware, Glass Kitchenware, Aluminum Kitchenware, Brass Kitchenware. Directions: – Take 1 tea spoon (3.75ml) of Bright Magic Dish Drop mix it in a bowl […]
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Bright Magic Detergent Drops

Arya's Bright Magic Detergent Drops We are offering specially formulated Liquid detergent, that is hypoallergenic and superbly appreciated for removing the toughest stain from any fabric our liquid detergent in Anti-bacterial, completely natural and free from any sort of toxic elements our liquid detergent has sweet fragrance and offer softness to the cloths. Directions: – […]
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