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Arya Smart Marketing Career Opportunity

Direct Selling A-grade Business Model


Types of Income

1 Retail Profit

Selling Arya Smart Marketing Products directly to the Customers is the first step to success and building a solid foundation for your business.

Retail Selling is the surest method of earning immediate income even as you build a long term business and satisfied customers.

2 Business Performance Income

Arya Smart Marketing offers a very rewarding Business Performance Incentive which is amongst the best in the world.

An Arya Smart Marketing Sales Executive can earn 21% as the performance incentive and is entitled to earn the incentive according to the business level qualified

3 Leadership Incentive

Leadership is a process by which a person can direct, guide, and influence the behavior and work of others towards the accomplishment of specific goals in a given situation.

In order to encourage this leadership, Arya Smart Marketing Career Opportunity has a provision to reward Leadership Incentive to Sales Executive who achieve a recognition level of Silver and above according to their business turnover in a month.

4 Buisiness Matching Incentive

Arya has devised a unique compensation plan for Sales executives who have achieved the recognition level of Silver up to the Recognition level of Ruby called as Business Matching Incentive.

This Business Matching Incentive is calculated on the business matched between 2 groups – Group A and Group B.

5 Car Fund

To encourage Sales Executive to achieve their dream of purchasing a luxury car.

Arya Smart Marketing has made a provision of a car Fund for the Sales Executive Who has achieved the Recognition level of Ruby and has made build 5 direct teams.

6 Smart Royalty Incentive

Arya Smart Marketing Career Opportunity rewards its Independent Distributor with Smart Royalty Incentive to the Sales Executives when they achieve the Leadership Level of Ruby and above.

The Smart Royalty Incentive based on the Leadership Level Sales Executives has achieved.

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